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Valentin Petit

Aged eighteen, after a serious European Championship motorcycle racetrack smash up, Valentin picked up his first camera. Right from the start he approached and harnessed the device with the same fearless, don’t look down, yet assured risk-taking mentality he had on the race like.
Valentin’s daring visions are told in crisp, dynamic and always unexpected camera moves
and transitions. Where these can no longer stretch the boundaries of reality, the apparently impossible narrative nevertheless flows seamlessly forward with very careful and clever use of VFX.
With this original filmmaking formula, Valentin attracts artists and brands such as Nike, Oakley, H&M, Balmain, Rosalía and A$AP Ferg. They, like him, want to excite, bewilder, and entertain.
It is through these recent projects that he has become a highly esteemed director, honoured by a plethora of international award shows (D&AD, MTV VMAs and Club des Directeurs Artistiques).

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