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Torso are a creative duo composed of David Toro and Solomon Chase, based in New York.
Since their very first collaboration, Torso have always endeavoured to make different art. In mockery of and exhausted by a cultural landscape in their view dominated by repetitive tropes and references, they started a collective tasked explicitly not to conform to the safe and acceptable aesthetic values they saw all around them.
From that point, they established themselves as proponents of counterculture. Their visual style always aims to bewilder, thrill and surprise. Their universes are typically whimsical, fantastical, and always reality-bending, imposing their avant-garde, abstract style on their subjects.
Torso have become visionaries in the fashion industry, having worked on numerous luxury fashion advertising projects. Burberry, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and of course, Mugler. It is with the latter that they have fabricated internet-shattering films.
Most recently, they released a music video with pop sensation Kali Uchis, ‘No Hay Ley’, the title of which coincidentally (or not) fits entirely with their visual and cultural identity.

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