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Simon Cahn

Simon Cahn is a French director based in Paris.
His career lifted off before most people his age were picking up their own socks. Debuting his first short film Prince Tribe at just 19, he soon headed to the bright lights of New York where he cut his teeth working for actress Milla Jovovich. When he returned to Paris, distinguished brands and high-profile artists came calling.
What’s clear from his courageous start, is that Simon is not afraid to plunge in the deep end. He enthusiastically adapts his style to each film, or vice versa. Simon is dedicated to visual coherence within each film’s universe. From intricately styling extras to meticulous notes on the final colour grade, Simon’s footsteps can be found all over.
Since he started filmmaking, star players have consistently vied for Simon’s attention. Louis Vuitton, Nike, Supreme and Dior are just a few clients satisfied with Simon’s work. But it is not just in commercials that Simon is sought after. Labels and musical artists are proven fans of Simon’s. Just ask Danny Brown, Disclosure or Boston Bun.
Simon’s work has been rightly recognised by major international institutions – Cannes, Locarno Film Festival, the D&AD Awards and the UKMVAs.

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