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Rob Chiu

Rob Chiu 趙文偉, a self-taught filmmaker and visual artist based in London, combines Chinese and British heritage in his distinct work. With a graphic design background, he intricately weaves photography, composition, typography, and editing to create visually striking films. His confident commercials feature innovative sound design atop atmospheric drama, while his thematic focus explores identity, memory, and human emotion. Chiu's work has been showcased at notable film festivals, and he's delivered talks and workshops worldwide.
Rob Chiu, a London-based filmmaker, seamlessly integrates his graphic design roots into his creations. Meticulously blending photography, composition, typography, and editing, he crafts visually compelling films. His commercials, marked by innovative sound design and atmospheric drama, reflect his confidence. Chiu delves into themes of identity and human emotion, presenting his work at prestigious film festivals and global workshops.

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