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Owen Black

Owen Trevor Black is an acclaimed director known for his unique vision and captivating performances. With a keen eye for creative concepts and a talent for artistic direction, he imbues his work with an unforgettable style that leaves a lasting impression.
Prior to his success in commercial campaigns for brands such as Range Rover and Volkswagen, Owen honed his skills directing the popular British television show, Top Gear, for four years. His innovative and memorable campaigns, such as the 'Sweeet' campaign for McVities, garnered international attention and acclaim, even earning a mention in Time Magazine as 'The Cutest Thing on TV'.
Owen's short film, Two Laps, received critical praise and won numerous awards during its festival circuit run. His debut feature, the exhilarating family film Go Karts, was acquired by Netflix and ranked highly among viewers.
Thanks to his outstanding body of work, Owen has been honored with numerous awards from prestigious institutions worldwide.

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