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Max Sherman

Max Sherman is a Canadian director based in Toronto. A city much respected as a cauldron of serious film and television production talent.
Growing up hanging around his father’s production company, Max developed an early taste and wonderment for filmmaking. And as soon as he was old enough he started inquisitively playing around then experimenting with the equipment often left lying around.
Before too long he was making Behind The Scenes, ‘Making Of’ and Interview led documentaries Max was evolving.
This boot camp training in lean observational documentary making, informs the narrative style of his films today, which so often toy with the idiosyncratic behaviours of people. Max spotlights these subtleties, but with a quirky and dry wit that is very much his own and ever present in all his films.
Max’s short films quickly drew the interest of production companies around the world, as well as the esteem of his peers. It was not long before he was making a string of memorable commercials. Google, Axe, Microsoft and Snickers have all entrusted their brands’ identities in Max’s capable hands.
His work and his talent have, quite rightly, been internationally lauded with awards from the Cannes Lions and the CLIOs.

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