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Marco Prestini

Marco Prestini is an Italian director between LA and Milan.
When Marco’s father gave him a new Canon camera, his attention swivelled from his Economics degree, to a completely new fixation. His new enthusiasm and drive was coloured in, informed and endorsed by an already rich knowledge of and interest in fashion and underground culture. He soon founded a Warholian type art collective in Milan, the Flash Factory, aimed at hothousing all types of visual content and artists.
The autodidactic training which ensued was soon met with a formal education in filmmaking when he moved to LA. Marco’s natural creativity and meticulous attention to detail define his powerful, electric and poetic visuals.
This style has inevitably resulted in many award-winning fashion films, music videos and commercials for world- renowned brands, artists and fashion houses. Marco has directed commercials for prestigious brands such as Vogue, BMW and Hugo Boss.
In his music videos, Marco is able to explore his limitless imagination to its farthest extent. For which his visions have been greatly rewarded, his film for Tierra Whack earning a Grammy nomination.

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