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Francois Rousselet

François Rousselet is a French director based in Paris.
François’ talent was recognised young, whilst still only training at the École des Beaux-Arts when he began shooting music videos for some of the world’s most influential artists. His childhood ambition of becoming a cartoonist soon mutated into filmmaking when he realised that he could bring comics to motion and life.
His encyclopaedic knowledge of pop culture along with his infatuation for comic books offer a deliciously different recipe for storytelling. François cleverly agglomerates these inputs with simple concepts and a sharp eye for detail.
François has made music videos with some of the greatest musicians and bands of recent history. The Rolling Stones, Jack White, Snoop Dogg and most recently Pharrell Williams featuring 21 Savage and Tyler the Creator are just a few. There are of course, many more.
François’ commercial work is equally as creative, growing up in the 80s, the golden age of advertising gave him an incredible appreciation for commercial filmmaking. This passion is apparent from his advertisements, his clients are always coming back for more. Just ask Nike, Dior, Heineken and Diesel.

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