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Dan Mitchell

As the prestigious London Film Institute’s youngest ever graduate of its highly competitive Film, Video and Graphic Arts curriculum, Daniel Mitchell gained his BA (Hons.) in 1998 before resettling to Australia in 2000. Here he received immediate peer recognition for his editing work at the Australasian Television Awards, as well as also being celebrated at the London International Advertising Awards; leading him on to projects in the UK and the US among many others.
This wealth of experience made the transition to directing seamless, as Mitchell filmed his own short story Triple Concerto In D Minor which went on to have screenings at the Montreal, Seattle, Chicago and London film festivals. The film’s cumulative success came when it qualified for the Narrative Short Film Category at the Academy Awards, where it also caught the eye of esteemed writer and producer Antony J. Bowman who then asked Mitchell to direct his short narrative Three Sixty.
Mitchell’s filmmaking success was also noticed by J. Walter Thompson London, who approached him to direct a campaign for the prestigious Intercontinental Hotel Group in 2015. This campaign launched his commercial directing career and Mitchell has gone on to direct campaigns for Qantas, Square, Kathmandu, Telstra and Airbnb, as well as being approached to direct the 2016 campaign for Intercontinental Hotel Group Europe.
A gifted storyteller who is passionate about his craft, Mitchell had his talents recognised by BAFTA in 2014 when they offered him membership as well as domestically in 2016 when he was lettered ASE.

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